More books and other stuff

First of all, please read the last post if you have not already.

There were two other books that I had wanted to put in the first blog post, but I forgot.  They are both extremely interesting.  They are:

Isaiah Decoded by Avraham Gileadi

and The Teachings of the Doctrine of Eternal Lives by Anonymous

Also, one of my friends wrote a nice blog post about fear. Here it is:

Fear does not come from the Lord. He wants us to seek and learn from Him.  Satan wants us to fear and not seek, and he wants us to put our trust in men, that they will tell us the way, that men cannot lead us astray. That is false. The scriptures tell us repeatedly not to rely on the arm of flesh.

The problem is that we conflate leaders of the Church with God.

There is a lot more I would like to say about this, but I do not have time right now, but please read my friend’s blog post above.

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