Some important thoughts

We haven’t posted anything here in a while.  There are many things we want to say, but we have to have the time and energy to say them :).

Today, though, I do want to post a link to two other blog posts that I really appreciate.  Among the people who believe as we do, there have been many difficult things happening, and both of these posts speak to those things, in different ways.

The first one is a post by Denver Snuffer.  This post made me cry, not just for sadness at the things that are happening, but also with joy at the encouragement given.  We have not suffered the same things that some he mentions in this post have, but we do have many friends who have suffered these types of things.  Thankfully, we have a very kind Bishop here, who has not exercised any unrighteous dominion over us – only persuasion, as it says in D&C 121.  But we have suffered being very much misunderstood, even by people very close to us, and many people clearly talk to us much less now, if at all.  I think there is much fear of thinking about what we believe, or reading the things we suggest.  It is not an easy road to follow what the Lord tells you to do, but that is OK and expected.  We all have to be brave!

So, here is Denver’s latest post:

Please take the time to also read this post by Adrian Larsen:

Our dear friends and family, and other Brothers and Sisters who we may not even know, but who have somehow found this blog: Please, please do not let any fear keep you from studying out these things we have talked about (especially in our first blog post here:  Please pray about these things, and realize that, if they are true, then the Adversary will certainly try to dissuade you from reading them and studying them and praying about them.  And if you feel fear or a sick feeling, please at least entertain the possibility that it is Satan who would have you feel those things, not the Lord.  Discernment is so important.  An interesting blog post on that idea is here:

Great things are happening!  The Lord has set His hand again.  The Lord’s act is certainly a strange act.  It is not happening as we would have thought several years ago, but it is happening, and it is marvelous!

About the tithing groups that Denver mentions in his post I linked above: We are in one of those tithing groups.  The tithing all goes toward the goal of having no poor among us.  In our group, we are currently helping two families with single mothers, as well as helping others in the group with individual needs as they arise.  If any of you reading this have any interest in being part of such a group, please let us know.  You might want to read a couple of blog posts that give some thoughts that are close to our own about tithing, too.  Here they are:

Reading Denver’s 10 talks about Zion also tells what we believe about this.  About the tithing groups, please read especially this one:

Anyway, I have introduced lots of various thoughts in this post.  If you haven’t read our first post, please do.  It is really impossible to tell you all what we believe and how we have come to those beliefs in a few blog posts, but we are trying to just give a bit of it, and hopefully you will have the desire to study it out for yourselves and find out for yourselves if it is true.  I know the blocks that life-long or years-long members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints will have to these ideas.  I had all those blocks.  It will be hard to even explore it at all, because of the fear of becoming an apostate.  The Lord has been so merciful to us in gently helping us to overcome our fears that were not from Him.  Our prayer is that He will also help you all overcome any fears, and that He will guide you on the path you are to go.

We just love you all very much, and do not want you to miss out on what is happening now!

So, this is Christ’s doctrine: be repentant, be baptized, actually receive the Holy Ghost (not just the invitation to do so), and then press forward until the Savior tells YOU more doctrine:

2 Nephi 32:

And now, behold, my beloved brethren, I suppose that ye ponder somewhat in your hearts concerning that which ye should do after ye have entered in by the way. But, behold, why do ye ponder these things in your hearts?

Do ye not remember that I said unto you that after ye had received the Holy Ghost ye could speak with the tongue of angels? And now, how could ye speak with the tongue of angels save it were by the Holy Ghost?

Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ. Wherefore, I said unto you, feast upon the words of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do.

Wherefore, now after I have spoken these words, if ye cannot understand them it will be because ye ask not, neither do ye knock; wherefore, ye are not brought into the light, but must perish in the dark.

For behold, again I say unto you that if ye will enter in by the way, and receive the Holy Ghost, it will show unto you all things what ye should do.

Behold, this is the doctrine of Christ, and there will be no more doctrine given until after he shall manifest himself unto you in the flesh. And when he shall manifest himself unto you in the flesh, the things which he shall say unto you shall ye observe to do.

And now I, Nephi, cannot say more; the Spirit stoppeth mine utterance, and I am left to mourn because of the unbelief, and the wickedness, and the ignorance, and the stiffneckedness of men; for they will not search knowledge, nor understand great knowledge, when it is given unto them in plainness, even as plain as word can be.

If you want to know more about re-baptism, please read this talk:

If you want to be baptized, let us know and we can probably find someone near where you live who is authorized by the Lord according to the pattern in that 10th talk who can do it.  If you live near us, Vaughn can.

If you are now thinking, “Well, they really are crazy apostates!” please read the 10 talks, and then ask the Lord before you decide that.  Exciting things are happening!  There is a window of opportunity, but I don’t know when that will pass.  We all have to Awake and Arise!

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2 Responses to Some important thoughts

  1. Sally says:

    Reading this post put a smile on my face. The Lord has been letting me know I must follow the pattern of Heaven; by persuasion, by long suffering, gentle, meek… to my Husband and children and all those that are in my circle of influence.
    During the 14 months as I served as a Relief Society President the Lord had me help the sisters with their conversion towards Christ. ALmost every time I spoke,I quoted scriptures and the emphasis was having their baptism complete. Talked alot about Baptism by Fire, remisssion of sins, recieviing the Holy Ghost. Hinted at C&EMS. Invited them to look up the 1st chapter of 2Peter.
    Now I am a Primary teacher over the 4-5 year olds. I feel a greater responsibility with having stewardship over them. I don’t want to teach them the traditions that I was taught. I only want to teach them truth.
    I would love to stay in touch. Would e-mail work best?
    Your sister in the Faith-Sally Ann


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