Free access to Denver Snuffer talks

Denver Snuffer has a new web site set up so that people can access his talks and listen to them for free.  Here is the link:

I hope and pray that all my friends and family will listen to the talks, and pray and ask the Lord and find out for yourself if what Denver is saying are the words of Christ.  The 10 talks he gave that he was asked by the Lord to give can all be accessed in either MP3 format or Audiobook format. When you go to his web site, just click on the link that says “40 Years in Mormonism.”

If you don’t seek, you will not find. If you don’t ask, you will not learn. The Lord does not cause you to fear finding out more. Satan causes that kind of fear. Do not fear reading or learning something that you are scared might lead you astray. The Lord will not lead you astray, so trust Him to tell you the truth of all things through the power of the Holy Ghost.

Do NOT risk missing out on truth and things the Lord wants you to know, things the Lord has sent a messenger to tell you, because you are afraid. Trust the Lord. Trust that He will tell you whether something is from Him. How can you know a true messenger? Their credential is their message. You really cannot determine a true messenger any other way. In the scriptures servants, messengers of the Lord, are often obscure people to the world, they often come from outside of “Church” hierarchy, they are often what the world would see as the least, or weird, or even apostates.  How many even recognized Christ in His day? Don’t put stakes around the Lord. Don’t decide for Him whom He will choose to speak to and whom He will choose to send to deliver His message.

If you never hear their message, you do not know if they have been sent by the Lord.

So, please, listen to what Denver has to say, and then ask the Lord if that was His message. Trust Him to tell you. But we must first do the work of seeking and asking.

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