Once Again

Well, once again, I need to write a post. Except for the song I also posted today, it has been a while. But the spirit has been pushing me for several days, so here goes.

If you have clicked through to here from Facebook, it is because I have also felt I should put this blog link on Facebook. I have not done that before, although one of my daughters did link to one of my posts once, and there was a small bit of consternation in some people from that.

If you have met and talked with me quite a bit, you know basically who I am.  If you haven’t met me, I am an ordinary Mom and Grandma.  I am not special. I am important to those who love me, but only in the same way everyone is to their loved ones. I say this because on this blog I am pretty bold in what I say I/we believe, and I don’t want anyone to think that I think I am any authority, or that I am any better in any way than anyone else. Because I am certainly not. I just have a great desire to share the wonder and joy and knowledge that I have found.

But please give what I say a chance, because often the Lord likes to teach people truth through lowly and obscure and very ordinary and imperfect sources. So, I hope and pray everyone who reads what I write will just ask Him what is truth, and will try to let their preconceived beliefs be challenged without throwing things out right off the bat, because the truth is important to find. And sticking to unbelief (which is not only NOT believing, but also believing in things that are wrong) will damn us, and dam us. Progression is stopped when you close your mind and harden your heart.

If you are one of my non-religious loved ones, or one of my loved ones who is not LDS (Mormon), then you probably already think I am a bit odd in what I think and believe 🙂. So, if you read any of this blog, it probably won’t be much different for you, still odd 🙂.  But give it a chance anyway. It is actually pretty exciting and glorious stuff.

If you are one of my LDS (Mormon) loved ones, and have not read any of my blog before this, and have also not talked to us about what Vaughn and I think now, you might be a bit stunned by this blog. I hope you will continue to read, though, even if you feel uncomfortable. And if you are one of the people I have talked to some about this, please read on, because hopefully what is written will make things more clear.

This particular post is being written because I read a friend’s blog post, and what she said is what Vaughn and I believe. And as I was reading her post, that is when the Lord made it clear to me that I needed to link to that post here on my blog, and then link my blog to Facebook.

So, it is a bit scary for me, because it is not fun to lose friends, or even to have them rarely talk to you anymore. And that has already happened some. So, I don’t relish more of that.

But I am on this road where I have told the Lord my whole desire is to do His will. And I have asked for Him to give me the courage to do that. And linking this blog to Facebook seems like a small thing to do. But for small me, it is still scary.

I have often said that the LDS Church has been my life since I was 15. But actually the gospel is what has been my life, but I misunderstood many things, and so I conflated the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the institution and leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is my life.

I believe in the restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith. I believe in the Book of Mormon. I believe that the Lord intends to save that restoration and that He has said that it is in danger of being lost, because we hardly are even aware anymore of what it was the Lord was doing through Joseph Smith in his lifetime. We have forgotten or changed or thrown much of it away. It must be remembered and saved. Now is the time when the Lord has given a message again, to preserve that restoration.

So, here is what I am supposed to link to. Her words could be mine, so I am using hers :):


I know her post is long, but it is worth reading. She explains things very well.

If you want to see Vaughn in a full beard (he has since shaved it off), then see the photo of her being baptized by him on her post here:


That post is also very much worth reading. Vaughn and I were also re-baptized on that same day. What a wonderful day! It was my birthday. The Lord told me to be re-baptized on that particular day. I did it to recommit myself in this time as a sign to the Lord that I am willing to follow Him, and participate in the new things happening now.

On Friday morning Vaughn and I were up in a canyon by a cold stream in a very beautiful spot where, with over 20 great friends, we watched many of them get into that cold living water and be re-baptized. These re-baptisms are happening in many places. Many have told of the great outpouring of the spirit they have had during and after their re-baptisms. It is remarkable and wonderful.

So, there you go. I hope you all took the time to read my friend’s post. If you have questions, please ask me. And after you ask me, and I answer, please don’t cut off from talking to me or being my friend. I am the same as I was before, only more peaceful and joyful.

Also, if you have not read it, please read our first blog post here:


That post tells a lot of our own personal journey.

One thing I have learned is that we all have our own journey through life that the Lord has designed for us. I also know that it is vital that some group takes this journey of preserving the restoration right now. The Lord will establish Zion, but if WE fail in that, He will find another people. Please do not let fear keep you from studying all this stuff out and then asking Him what He would have you do.

The same spirit that told me that the Book of Mormon is true told me that these things I have talked about in this blog are true.

I know some of you think I am an apostate and cannot possibly have the Holy Ghost with me anymore. But I testify to you all that I do. The Holy Ghost speaks to me and testifies to me of truth just like it did before.  I know what it feels like, and it is the same as it always was, except I also know how to listen better, and how not to push it aside like I did before when I thought someone in authority was telling me something different. I have learned that the Lord is very unhappy when we listen to the arm of flesh over Him.

A few years ago I had a great Baptism of Fire and the Holy Ghost experience, and I am closer to the Lord now than I have ever been. I understand scriptures so much better, and I have so much more peace and love, and so much less judgement.  And in spite of the sometimes terrible trials involved in trying to do the Lord’s will, it is so much better than it ever was before! It is all worth every trial that has come because of it. The things I feared were not to be feared. Do not fear! The truth is so delicious!  It is worth whatever is required to be endured to find it and hold to it. I know so many people who have lost so much for this truth, a lot more than I have, but they say the same thing. It is by far worth it!

The truth and knowledge that have been opened up before me are so wondrous! I know that there are many, even in the LDS Church, who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it, or they think they have found all of it they need, and that “All is well.”  I know that all is not well. That is why I share these things.

I don’t want the Lord to have to seek another people.

I want Zion.

I want to be in Zion with all of you.

D&C 93:Verily, thus saith the Lord: It shall come to pass that every soul who forsaketh his sins and cometh unto me, and calleth on my name, and obeyeth my voice, and keepeth my commandments, shall see my face and know that I am;

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3 Responses to Once Again

  1. jenheadjen says:

    Sarah, you always write with such a feeling of peace. I don’t know how anyone could misconstrue any of this, much less go so far to call you apostate. I always feel blessed by reading your sincere writings. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jenheadjen says:

    (Sorry, I should’ve paid attention to how you spell your name! *Sara*! 🙂


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