A Post to Share a Post

I am writing this post to share one of the most wonderful, and I think valuable, blog posts I have ever read.

This post was written by a friend of mine.  I love it so much because it says what I would say if I could express myself better :).

Many of my friends have been shocked, saddened, distressed, or even obviously angered by what I believe and some of what I share with them.  I have expected some of that, but still I have often also been shocked, saddened, and distressed by their misunderstanding of what I was trying to share, and also their misunderstanding of my feelings about it all.  I am sure it is at least partly due to my inability to express well what I am thinking and learning and feeling.

What some of my friends see as negative or upsetting, I see as marvelous and evidence of the glorious work the Lord is doing right now.  It does require a shift in paradigm, and the sacrifice of much (if you choose to act on the knowledge given), which can be very rough, but the resulting light and knowledge and joy is certainly worth any of the sacrifice it causes.

Near the end of her blog post my friend says this: “I add my witness again that God is speaking to us now, to restore again the restoration. To take seriously the things that were given to us through Joseph Smith the prophet. To call us to repentance and turn us back to Him, away from our unbeliefs so that we might have real faith in Him once again.”

I want to add my witness to hers of these things!

The things she talks about in her post are things I also believe with all my heart.  Her experiences are hers, but I have experienced very similar things, and have also been taught by the Lord the things she has been taught.

So, if you have any desire to know what I think and believe, I ask that you read what she has written.  Please read it all.  It is worth it!

Here it is:  http://puretestimonyofjesuschrist.blogspot.com/2016/01/another-casualty.html

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