The Best Last Words

I had a friend. I met her almost 38 years ago when Vaughn was in graduate school at the University of Tennessee. I can hardly remember not feeling like I had known her forever.

I would like to tell a lot about our friendship, but I won’t do that because the words aren’t there. She knows, and I know, so that is probably enough.

When we were only in our 40’s, and didn’t live close to each other anymore, I got a shocking call. My friend had died suddenly.

She was riding in the car with her daughter and felt like she couldn’t breathe. She asked to be taken to the hospital.

Shortly after they got there and got her in, she looked at her daughter, and she said “I love you. I love you all.”

And then she died.

I was thinking about this again a few nights ago. I have always thought those were the very best last words.

I know there have been profound and beautiful things that people have sometimes said just before they died. But to me, my friend’s last words are the best.

I am sure she knew she was about to die. Probably people often don’t know, or are not capable of talking just before they go.

If you are my friend or my family, no matter what I have said to you last, or whatever I do or don’t say just before I die, you can know that my wish is to say the same thing my friend did.

So, I hope you all know and remember that these are my current words to you, and also what I would want my last words to you to be:

I love you. I love you all. ❤️

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