What I have Wanted

I haven’t written on my blog in a while. I work a lot, and so it is hard to find time to write, even though I have lots of interesting stuff (at least interesting to me 🙂 ) that I would like to talk about.

The last several years have just been incredible. I am so grateful for the path the Lord has taken me on. I can look back now, even over my whole life, and see Him leading me along to help me understand stuff.

He has also shown me how little any of us actually comprehend the way things really are. We think this one tiny life and our very limited senses and minds are pretty much what we have. But even in this very limited state of being here, we have more senses and more ability to connect with spiritual things, or mysteries, or whatever we want to call the things we usually barely have an inkling of, than we mostly know.

I don’t claim to know much. I do know more than I did, but I also realize, more than I did before, how little I actually do know. And through experience, I know that some of what I think I know now will eventually be shown to me to be an incorrect understanding; usually what happens is I will see that it was such a small and narrow piece of the truth that it gave me the wrong impression of how it fit into the whole. All truth can be circumscribed into one great whole. But we, at best, only see a tiny slice of that whole.

And because of the limitation of language, what I just said is perhaps a jumble, because getting what is inside my mind and heart to the outside in some understandable way is so hard.

So, here is some more concrete stuff that is happening right now. I said all that other stuff because this stuff happening is perhaps the major thing in this life I am living right now; perhaps it is the main turning point that all of the things the Lord has been teaching me my whole life have been leading up to. I sense that it is. And so I need to share it.

The stuff I will link to in this blog post is long, but worth taking the time to read.

About a year and a half ago, I think it was, some people started feeling that they needed to recover the scriptures, and all the things that can be found and verified that Joseph Smith actually said. Two separate groups were inspired to begin this. A lot of great stuff had been discovered through the Joseph Smith Papers project, and by historians who had gone to original, contemporary source documents to find out as much as possible what was really said/written by Joseph Smith, and what was even added or changed in the Doctrine and Covenants. Much was left out and some was changed to even mean the opposite of what was actually said at first.

I heard about this project a while ago, and was excited that the D&C was going to be corrected (because I was already aware of some problems, but in no way have the ability or time to do the research necessary to figure it all out). I had also heard that all of what Joseph did with the Bible, was going to be put in, not just the parts that the LDS scriptures include. I already had been reading the edition of the Book of Mormon that Royal Skousen did, where he tried to recover the best possible version of it, figuring out and correcting transcribing errors and problems with punctuation (which was originally all put in by the typesetter), etc. I found out this group working on the other scriptures was dealing with those issues, too. Wonderful!

In March of this year there was a meeting to talk about these scriptures. Rather than explain everything about this in my own words, I will link to talks about it. So, here is what we learned about this project at that meeting:


You can find the actual scriptures, and more about the project, here:


We also learned at that meeting that we would have until the beginning of September of this year to peruse these scriptures, and let the group know of any mistakes or issues we saw in them, and that we would then be asked to accept them, and we would also be offered a Covenant from the Lord.

So, this is huge. I have known for a few years that the Lord is doing something big right now.

I was very excited after the meeting in March. A lot has been going on since then with the whole project. And there was a lot of speculation about the nature of any Covenant, and even a lot of fear about that. As I would ponder and pray about it, the Lord would keep saying to me not to fear, that if it was from Him it would be right.

So, a prayer was made to the Lord for a Covenant. Here is the prayer:


I read the prayer. I prayed for the same things myself. And an Answer came, with a Covenant. When I read the Answer and Covenant, I was stunned and filled with joy. It was clear to me this was the Lord speaking, because even though I have not seen Him, I do know how He speaks to me and how it feels to my mind and heart when it is the Lord. I keep wanting to read this over and over, because it is marvelous to me.

Also, when I read it the first time, the Lord said to me in my mind “See, you didn’t need to be afraid.” I didn’t need to be afraid because this is Him, and this is how He deals with us, and the words are beautiful to me, and He knows what we all need to hear and to do. When you read this, you will see that He is calling us to repentance strongly, and over and over telling us to LOVE each other.

This is the Lord I know. The Covenant is at the end of it. The things in the Covenant are what I have always wanted to do – how I have always wanted to be. The promises from the Lord in it are wonderful:


I will be at the meeting in Boise in early September. I intend to accept the Covenant from the Lord. I pray He will help me keep it.

This is what I have wanted as long as I have known such a thing was possible. This is what has a chance to lead to Zion.

There is a lot more to all of this, of course, and you can read more about it here in another talk that was given at the March meeting that tells a lot about the history of the scripture project, but mainly things about how the Lord has always dealt with people, and what is happening now, and what is coming up:


There have also been things preparing many people for all this for years. If you have any interest in all of that, let me know.

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