I wrote about the new scriptures project in my last post, way back in April.

Buffalo-Family-1 Scriptures

There is a window from now until October 15th (2019) to be able to order them in leather editions.  There are various leather type options, and various color options.  These are extremely high quality versions, designed to last for generations, and the price is very low for each three volume set (and it includes shipping in the USA), since no profit is intended to be made.  Any shortfall in the cost of production is going to be covered by some generous donors.

They don’t know when, or even if, there will be another printing, so anyone who wants one of these editions should place their order right away.

Goat-Family-1 Scriptures

Rather than go into all of the info about these scriptures on this blog, I will just refer you to the web sites about them.

First of all, if you want to know what is contained in these scriptures, and why in the world new scriptures would be needed or wanted at all, this site can give you info on that:

You can also read them for free on there.

To purchase the new leather ones, or paperback ones also, and to read about all the options and the printing process, go here:

Nubuck-Family-1 Scriptures

We have been waiting for these for a long time.  As I said in my last post, I am so grateful for the incredible amount of research and work that have gone into compiling and printing these!

Lamb-Family-1 Scriptures

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